Although we promote the preservation of barns, we do dismantle them for reclaimed lumber. We look for distressed buildings or those slated for destruction. We reclaim barn wood to resell it. The antique lumber that we harvest is among the most beautiful wood you could ever imagine. The uses are endless. Most barn lumber has aged to perfection; the colors, grain, insect markings and decades of going without fresh paint make it unique. 

Barn siding is the most popular barn lumber sought after. 12" vertical gray and 5" horizontal gray. Check our inventory page for details. This sets the stage for you and your imagination to design that perfect addition, room, office, garage and so on. It would be difficult to buy this type of wood as it is just simply not available at any lumber store. This barn lumber can only be purchased from specialized companies. The applications include floors, walls and even ceilings; the more the better.

Just think about what YOU could/can do with used barn lumber without limitations.We have heavy timbers: 8”x8”s, 6”x6”s, 4”x6”s and 4”x4”s. We will build box beams that have all the features of solid beams without the weight. You can apply these to your project(s) for special features. It is a guarantee you will add value to your property. You’ll be the talk of the town by your friends and neighbors. We can help you with your designs and/or make suggestions that may help you.

On this website, we are including barns that have been preserved or even made into a home. Look around to see them. These first photos are of barns near Humboldt, Iowa. If YOU have a feature barn, please send us a digital photo and we will include it on our website.

These pictures are for your enjoyment and are spectacular, inside and out!